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What To Watch In A Watch

The fact that you have money to shell out on a high-end luxury watch does not make you an expert on the subject. Opt for longevity over instant gratification. Before buying your luxury watch, consider the following traits.

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We all know that a good timepiece is an investment. Choose wisely and your investment pays off, choose poorly and you might lose the 20,000 dollars you paid. That’s right, we are focusing on luxury timepieces that cost thousands of dollars.

Here a few pointers on buying a watch that will not only last you a lifetime, but will also keep its initial value.

These days, luxury watches are entering a whole new realm of materials that improve the functionality of the timepiece. Aside from the traditional steel, gold and silver, forged carbon, natural stone and ceramic are gaining momentum in the fine watchmaking industry.

If you are paying more than 20,000 dollars for your watch, it should do more than just tell you the time. Unique, complex mechanisms separate good wrist watches from extraordinary timepieces.

How rare is the watch? The more unique and limited editioned the watch is, the higher its value. But not all limited editions are automatically considered rare. A watch that has been produced 100 times will be much more valuable than that with a limited edition of 5,000 pieces. Don’t be sold by the “limited edition” tag without first  verifying specific quantities.

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Appearance goes a long way. No customer will pay 20K for an ugly watch, no matter how complex that watch is. Whether you go for bulky, slim-fitting, shiny or subtle – make sure the design works for you. Always judge the aesthetics of the timepiece from a distance. Just ask the salesperson to model the watch so you can really appreciate its looks.

Most importantly, be confident in your choice. Don’t let somebody’s else opinion sway you in any one direction. If you are not sure, step away, take a few days to think about it. After all, a 20K investment is not like buying a carton of milk at the grocery store!

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