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Funny Yacht Name

A yacht’s name reflects on the character and feel of the boat. It’s an eye-catcher just as the boat is. From ‘Seas the Day’ to ‘Vitamin Seas’ take a look at some of the best name puns floating on the sea.

Vitamin Sea
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When you buy a yacht, you are either finding a home away from home or you live there year round. You get lots of privacy, because you can choose who to invite for a secluded sail away where you may not spot another boat for miles and miles.

Naming a yacht is a great way to individualize your impressive piece of machinery. Finding a suitable, witty and original name may require some out-of-the-box, creative thinking. Sail through the following funny yacht names to stimulate your creative juices. You never know, you might even get inspired!

Some people are very competitive. If you think we live in a dog-eat-dog world, here’s a name for your boat: “Sin or Swim.” If you advanced rapidly in your career due to your competitiveness, you might want to call your yacht “Fast Forward.”

Sin or Swim
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If you try to sail whenever you can, you might like to call your yacht “Devocean” or “A Yacht of Fun.” If privacy is a big issue for you along with going out on the ocean, consider “Sea Ya.”

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If you enjoy yachting as a break from your daily routine, you might like to think of your yacht as “A Wave from It All,” a source of “Peace N Quiet,” or be glad you are “Knot Working.”

Indicate the fact that you are not a frequent sailor with “Daze Off,” or tell the world that you are a “Sun-Day Driver.”

If you go yachting because you enjoy relaxing on your boat, you might let people know you are having “Hydrotherapy.” If you want a name that sounds less like a spa-medical treatment, go for “Reel Laxed.”

If yachting is a way of life for you, you might like to “Seas the Day,” or publicize the fact that you are “Makin Waves.” You may also challenge people who don’t have a yacht by asking “Why Knot?”

Naming your boat can be lots of fun, and you will enjoy having a name that reflects your lifestyle. By giving your yacht a unique name, it becomes an extension of your personality.  The name can enhance your pride of ownership. After all, it’s all in the name!


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