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Private Air Travel: A Financial Dilemma

To buy, or not to buy, that is the question. Are the many lush advantages of private aviation worth the amount of money spent on it? Can the value and beauty of a private jet be assessed as a financial exercise alone?

PrivateJet Photo Credit: []Time, money and impression are the three common factors that go into solving the dilemma of whether to buy a private jet. Money is a key element in keeping you from taking the plunge and buying one. Fortunately for those who are unable to resolve this dilemma, buying is not the only way to own a jet in today’s private air travel market.

Outright ownership, fractional ownership, or leasing – are all relevant options for the indecisive individual who has the money to invest in private aviation. Each option should be weighed alongside your business and pleasure requirements out of a jet, as well as on the frequency you would use the aircraft.

Fractional ownership means you split the costs of maintenance, storage, downtime, and pilot expenses with multiple partners. The disadvantages are unavoidable conflicts. Leasing is a reasonable alternative that can eliminate time consuming disagreements. These alternatives make owning your own plane no longer a luxury. Time and the money you make using your jet can more than offset the initial and operational costs of the aircraft.

The first impression you make on a new client or business partner is, as we have all been taught over and over again, an essential part of making more money. That first impression is a key to your present success. Arriving in your private jet reflects your business agenda – unprecedented customer service deliverance in the quickest time frame – a statement that your competitors will find hard to beat.

The practicality of owning your own jet is, of course obvious, but still worth mentioning. Time is money – so why waste it in commercial airports when you have the financial ability to do better? Waiting in lines, waiting to check in and collect luggage, not to mention common flight delays – are all too common, very frustrating holdups that can cost you a client. Reaching a potential new client before your competitors, and quickly responding to faraway clients in need will guarantee good publicity for your business and eventually higher revenues. The bottom line is when your clients are happy you make more money.

Traveling privately gives you the freedom to bring as many staff members as you need at no added costs. Your employees are able to fly to a client and return the same day, so that not only do you save on travel expenses, but they are back in time to dine with their family. Private jets are also great to host company celebrations.

Renting your jet when you are not using it can help pay off the initial investment in just a few years. You can pay for a fleet of planes by using the sales savvy and business connections you already have. Use what has made you successful to pay for another investment.

With a private jet you can be at the right place at the right time for greater success in the business world. Having access to your own jet when you need it for business or recreation is an investment that can pay for itself with the right management.



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