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Fractional Ownership: Buying a Jet without Denting your Bank Account

Purchase price is not the one and only investment when buying a jet. Maintenance costs, storage fees, crew’s salaries, and other operational expenses inflate the initial $3 million purchase price considerably. Fractional ownership is a practical solution to those looking to own a jet without breaking the bank.

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A jet adds luxury and mobility to one’s life. Who doesn’t want a reliable way to travel that is free from long lines? It is possible to invest in a jet without actually buying it outright. Fractional ownership is a great option for people who want an affordable way to invest in a top of the line jet.

Save Precious Time

Maintaining a jet takes time. After all, one has to have regular safety checks done, invest in periodic maintenance, and ensure all regulations are followed. A jet owner will also have to spend time on hiring and managing a jet crew and with fueling and storage responsibilities. Fractional ownership takes away such duties. Jets give people a direct way to their destination. This makes it easier to take vacations, schedule and keep meetings, and make efficient one’s time.

Share Responsibility

Owning a jet is a huge financial responsibility. One has to find a crew, deal with repair and maintenance costs, and figure out where to store the aircraft. Sharing ownership relieves a lot of stress and means that people have a practical way to own a jet.

Save Money

Not having to deal with maintenance costs, crew salaries, fueling, and storage means that multiple jet owners can save money. More than that, fractional ownership also splits tax duties, so each individual pays a reduced sum. Most people believe that only millionaires and the famous can own a jet. This is simply not true today. Fractional ownership makes it possible for people with financial stability to invest in such luxury.

Make a Great Impression

Family, friends, and business colleagues will be impressed with your own jet. This is a chance to make family reunions easier to plan and meet important business deadlines. No one likes standing in long lines or having to pay expensive baggage fees. Flying via a private jet is more enjoyable because people do not have to deal with other passengers and can really relax. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to take flying to a new level of luxury and comfort without having to spend millions of dollars.

Today, there are plenty of ways for people to make great use of jets. Instead of buying a jet and dealing with its maintenance and overhead costs, one can go into fractional ownership. This shares the emotional and financial load of owning a jet. People do not have to spend time checking up on the jet, dealing with staff, or paying for storage fees and salaries. Instead, fractional ownership gives people the chance to own and use a jet stress free.


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