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Yacht Designs Gone Insane

Floating islands, a deck for launching submarines or sailing on the side – are just some of the most bizarre yacht designs floating around. Extremely entertaining to the eye and mind, but lacking practicality or ability to actually sail the waters without sinking, the following yacht concepts are too wacky to be taken

Status symbols of the very wealthy have a way of capturing the public’s attention and imagination with their audacity, creativity, and of course, their price.

And though we all love to ogle their supercars, haute couture and massive estates, there is perhaps no perk of the billionaire lifestyle that grabs our attention quite like the modern superyacht.

In the past decade or so the world of yachting has seen a “space race” of sorts among the industrialists, entrepreneurs and A-list celebrities that can afford them.

Their desire for the longest, largest and most luxuriously appointed ocean-going vessels has resulted in some truly incredible yachts, but it’s on the drawing board that we can see world-class ship designers most wild flights of fancy.

The concept yachts on this list are so insane in their aspirations that it’s unlikely many—if any—will actually be seen through to construction, but it’s still fun to dream.

10: Paper Boat
An Italian design based on the classic paper boat, “Paper Boat” features “sea gull wing walls”.

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9: WallyIsland
Taking the island theme to another level is the unbelievably massive WallyIsland, featuring the insane ability to store other yachts inside it.

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8: EU-010 Undersea Yacht
The EU-010 not only doubles as a submarine, it also includes a miniature detachable submarine of its own, good for undersea exploring and getting away from James Bond.

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7: Strand Craft
The Strand Craft doesn’t just store your ridiculously expensive supercar for transport, it actually comes with it’s own ridiculously expensive supercar, manufactured by Strand Craft.

While interesting, it remains to be seen if those with the means to buy this thing would forgo marques like Ferrari and Maserati in favor of a car that’s essentially a yacht designer’s afterthought.

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6: Harizon
The futuristic Harizon is designed to ride through waves rather than over them. It also looks insanely cool.

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5: Trilobis
The semi-submersible Trilobis is designed to resemble an extinct marine animal called a trilobite. It’s basically the most luxurious glass-bottomed tour boat ever.

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4: Ekrano
While perhaps less realistic than the other flying yachts on the list, Jaron Dickson’s Ekrano is unbelievably cool looking. Here’s to hoping for a future where flying yachts not only exist, but look exactly like the Ekrano.

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3: Atreides
The Atreides includes a retractable sea-level swimming pool, because deck pools are so 2011.

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2: Utopia
Yacht Island Design is back again with their most audacious design of all, and it looks like something out of a 1970s sci-fi flick.

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1: Streets of Monaco
And finally, the most insane yacht of all, Streets of Monaco. Designed to resemble a piece of the tiny nation, Streets of Monaco includes a miniature airport, its own road system complete with overpasses, and a perfect illustration of what happens when the yacht-that-also-looks-like-an-island-for-some-reason concept is taken way, way too far.

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