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World’s Beautiful Yachts

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to yachts, the bigger and more luxurious they are, the finer they become. gathered the 50 most beautiful yachts in the world according to size and lavishness. How made the final ten? Find out here.

World’s best and sexiest yachts have one quality in common; they sink. Not all of them sink, of course, but sinking to the bottom of the Greek sea is how the world’s number one yacht reached first place. Maybe there’s a message here, and maybe not.

The other quality they all share are fascinating stories. Here, then, are the world’s 10 best yachts as revealed by the magazine SuperYachtWorld.

Carintha VI
Carintha VI had an unfortunate accident and sank to the bottom of the Greek sea months after her christening. The accident didn’t phase owner Helmut Horten who set about to build an even better version named Carintha VI.

The initial design by Horten is said to have scared the bejeebers out of boat builders. The design featured a radical blue windshield and a sleek hull based on a frigate pattern.

Carintha is a man’s boat of refined taste, sleek lines and a savior-faire powered by three all mighty diesel motors.

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At 377-feet, the Pelorus is the world’s 19th biggest yacht and is number two on the list. It’s fitted out with two chopper pads and cruises at a maximum speed of nearly 20 knots on two 5,500 hp motors. The yacht was turned over to Irina Abramovich as a divorce payout, and she sold it for $300 million.

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Endeavour’s first owners built this yacht to compete for the 1934 America’s Cup. The Endeavour suffered a series of mishaps and was nearly scrapped. She broke loose under tow to England and briefly disappeared and barely escaped the scrapyard in 1947.

Endeavour sank and was bought for 10 pounds. She finally went to sea again in 1989 after extensive renovations.

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The Enigma is noted for her superstructure, unique windows and a swift design that powers her to a maximum 30 knots.

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Maltese Falcon
This, the world’s largest privately owned sailboat, is a luxury yacht with a circular staircase that connects all three decks. The decks are transparent which allows natural light to shine into every corner. The Maltese Falcon sports a saloon on the main deck, two studios and a luxurious dining room.

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The Carinthia has a crew of 15 and can comfortably welcome a dozen guests. She tops out at 26 knots with a sweeping steel hull and a superstructure made of aluminum.

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The Aviva is owned by British billionaire Joe Lewis who lost $1 billion after the implosion of Bear Stearns. Lewis has fitted Aviva with an expansive collection of paintings, including Piccaso and Chagall. He spends large amounts of time on Aviva where he conducts business and entertains friends.

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Alfa Nero
The Alfa Nero features a glass elevator, a floor for dancing, the Grand piano, of course, and a stainless steel floor. On the aft deck is a swimming pool that also serves as a landing one for a chopper.

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Skat is a spartan yacht for a man who likes clean lines and simple color. The views from the cabin looking out at the boat are spectacular in a logical way.

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This yacht with its narrow beam and sleek lines can cruise at 25 knots. It’s powered by a couple of 16 cylinder Caterpillars. Her underwater lights give this yacht a surreal look when coasting into harbor at night.

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These yachts run the gamut from sublime to super sophisticated. Each has its own story to tell, and that story will be told while they cruise the seas and fascinate us with their voyages.

Photo Credit: <a href=””>Harbor</a> by George Hodan


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