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Strato Cruiser Airship Combines Space Travel with Ocean Cruises

The Strato Cruiser Airship is designed to accommodate the luxurious needs of the contemporary traveler. Equipped with a spa, gym, mini offices and mouthwatering menus, this airship puts comfort and pampering back into traveling. Offering high-end cruise like experience, the Strato Cruiser Airship is the first lifestyle Zeppelin of its kind.

Strato Cruiser
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Have you ever dreamed of taking a vacation cruise out across the oceans of the world? What about taking a trip into outer space? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of men and women dream of reaching the stars and setting sail on the seas.

Perhaps the inventors of the Strato Cruiser Airship had those same interests and desires.

The Strato Cruiser Airship is a conceptual vehicle combining the cruise aspect of ocean vessels to low Earth orbit. In a vehicle similar to a zeppelin, the Strato Cruiser Airship would be light enough to read orbit, strong enough to prevent ruptures from falling space junk, stable enough to handle wind and pressure changes, and secure enough to maintain a comfortable and relaxing space voyage for passengers.

The concept for the Strato Cruiser Airship came from Michael J. Brown and Tino Schaedler. The combination is designed to bring relaxation back to travel while maintaining a high-end cliental.

To reach the goal of having a high-end travel concept, the Strato Cruiser Airship will feature posh amenities, including a spa, a swimming pool, mini-offices, a five-star restaurant, and a library. The goal is to make the Strato Cruiser Airship a relaxing vacation for people, while still allowing them to tackle business emergencies that may occur while in flight.

The concept for the Strato Cruiser Airship requires some design and engineering challenges. Current design models call for a durable carbon fiber skin, photovoltaic cells, and separated helium chambers. Engineers are learning from past mistakes, primarily from Germany’s hydrogen zeppelin fleet. The disaster of the Hindenburg, a hydrogen-filled zeppelin, remains an iconic image associated with luxury airships gone awry.

Another design challenge for engineers working on the Strato Cruiser Airship will be the propulsion system. The proposed system would double the speed of traditional blimps while carrying much additional weight from the airship, guests, supplies, and amenities. The propulsion system would also require systems to operate at ground level and low Earth orbit.

Locating the propulsion and fuel systems away from the lower level guest chambers will also be a challenge within the conceptual design framework. The plan promises guests a quiet stay away from the main public areas. Finding ways to keep guests away from mechanical systems will be a challenge without prohibitively increasing size or weight on the airship.

The technical challenges are only one part of the problem facing Brown and Schaedler. Funding for the Strato Cruiser Airship would come from advance sales and reservations on board the craft. The problem comes as potential clients are not guaranteed the project will ever materialize. The creative duo will need to find ways to secure funding for research and development before sales aboard the vessel will become a viable source of additional funding.

With the challenges laying ahead for the Strato Cruiser Airship, no date for pending construction has been announced. Prototypes have been in development, but are not functional. Some speculate the Strato Cruiser Airship could begin production within 12-months if funding can be secured for production. The belief is outside investment will generate interest in the project, helping to recruit engineers onto the project with propulsion experience.

A different proposal states the Strato Cruiser Airship may attempt to work with NASA and the ESA using technology declassified by the United States and European Union.

No matter when Brown and Schaedler are able to fully produce a functional Strato Cruiser Airship, it appears it will be a vacation unlike anything else available on Earth. A long line of willing customers are available depending on how tickets are priced.


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