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Super Size my Yacht

Apparently size also matters in the boating world. The length indicates the size of private motor yachts. If you like your luxury spread out across many feet of space above the sea, check out the world’s longest motor luxury yachts.

The world’s elite not only enjoy the expansive space that private estates provide, but also require plenty of room and amenities while venturing on the high seas. Take a gander through this list of the largest privately owned motorized yachts.

The Eclipse

Owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, the Eclipse measures 557 feet in length and remains the largest privately owned yacht on the seas to date.

Besides having a capacity for 37 guests, the lavish watercraft features two helicopter landing pads and a military approved defense system complete with missile detector. The yacht also houses a miniature submarine that accommodates 12 passengers.

Worth over $400 million and crafted in Hamburg, Germany, the ship additionally has numerous recreational watercraft, a disco and a movie theater.

The Dubai

Known as the world’s largest yacht until the christening of the Eclipse in 2010, the Dubai comes with a price tag of $300 million.

Owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the impressive ship measures 531 feet in length and features numerous specially enclosed amenities, which offers an air conditioned atmosphere for escaping the heat of Saudi Arabia.

An open glass, spiral staircase serves all decks and allows quick access to VIP suites. The yacht also features a number of opulent formal dining areas, bars and two storage rooms that house various water sports vehicles.

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The Al Said
This luxury watercraft measures over 508 feet in length and belongs to Qaboos bin Said al Said, Sultan of Oman. Total cost for construction was $109 million and the luxury craft requires dozens of crew members.

Pampered guests arrive and depart via helicopter from the private landing pad. Though the intricacies of amenities remain secretive, reports indicate that the yacht features a concert room, which ably accommodates a 50 piece orchestra.

Al Said
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The Prince Abdulaziz
Constructed in 1984, the luxury liner remains but one of many owned by the Saudi Royal Family. Measuring 482 feet in length, the ship has the capability of a top speed of 22.6 knots, which mariners report is quite fast for a vehicle of this size.

The interior features plush five star accommodations for up to 60 guests and requires a full time crew of the same number. Unusual features of the interior include the main lobby, which replicates the space, decor and furnishings found on the iconic Titanic.

Prince Abdulaziz
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The Topaz
German luxury liner company Lurssen completed construction on the Topaz in 2012. Tim Heywood designed the 482 foot vessel for the Sultan of Abu Dubai.

Particulars surrounding the yacht remain private but reports suggest the vessel comes equipped with a number of swimming pools and garages for storing recreational watercraft.

The yacht also features a helipad and private access and special accommodations for the owner.

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El Horriya

Constructed in London on the River Thames in 1865, El Horriya takes its place as one of the oldest luxury liners sailing the ocean.

Continual renovations spanning over the years extended the length to 478 feet and converted the original paddle wheel propulsion into the steam engines found on the yacht today.

Used only occasionally, the current version serves as a training vessel and carries up to 150 people.

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Al Salamah

With construction completed in 1987, this now luxury liner originally served as a transport vessel for the Oman Navy. The vessel measuring 457 feet in length reportedly had a capacity for up to 240 soldiers.

After renovations, the yacht joined the fleet owned by the royal family. Amenities aboard the magnificent vessel include a helicopter landing pad, 80 rooms and an expansive indoor swimming pool housed beneath a glass roof.


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