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Top Five Celebrity Yachts

The super-deluxe yachts owned by the super-rich celebs are full of lavish amenities that speak ounce about their affluent status. Read on to know about the nicest yachts that some of the renowned celebs own.

The super-rich celebs can own whatever they want – mansions in multiple countries that can rival even the most luxurious hotel suites, private jets and an island. Owning a super deluxe yacht, however involves something more than spending thick wads of cash, but do these celebs really care? Yachts are the ultimate toys for these lavish souls and they can have everything there – from a Jacuzzi to a helipad, a bar to a movie screen. Listed below are five of the most amazing yachts that the popular personalities own.


5.Cyan (Owned by- Bono)

Cyan (Owned by- Bono)
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Bono, the lead vocalist of phenomenal Irish band, U2 is also famous for his social work. U2 has been rendering countless hit numbers for over a long period of time. For all the hard work that Bono has put into, he appraised himself with a personal yacht. This 49 meters long yacht is Codecasa-built and has been named as Cyan.

4. Privacy (Owned by- Tiger Woods)

Privacy (Owned by- Tiger Woods)
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Unarguably, one of the most popular golfers and probably the best in his time, Tiger Woods also came into news for his infamous separation with his better-half who brought the charges of infidelity against him. Although his ‘private’ space came under scanner, this millionaire athlete was not skeptic in naming his personal yacht as ‘Privacy’. Tiger Woods’s ‘Privacy’ is 47 meters long (No Pun Intended!) and this pleasure boat is built by one of the most famous yacht makers, Christensen.


3. Vajoliroja(Owned by- Johnny Depp)

Vajoliroja(Owned by- Johnny Depp)
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The man who immortalized the character of ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ in the series of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Johnny Depp had spent months on the sea while shooting for the movie. Probably, Depp fell in love with the sea and decided to buy himself a private yacht! Johnny Depp’s yacht was constructed by Proteksan Turquoise in Turkey and is revered as a modern classic super-yacht. Measuring 47 meters, this pleasure boat has been named ‘Vajoliroja’ which actually is a combination of names of the family members of the actor. “Va” is taken from the name of his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, “jo” is taken from his own name, “liro” is taken from his daughter’s name Lily Rose and “ja” from his son Jack. We love this family man, don’t we?


2. Va Bene(Owned by- Eric Clapton)

Va Bene(Owned by- Eric Clapton)
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Eric Clapton is considered as one of the legends in the music industry. He is popularly known as Slowhands and his guitars are some of the most expensive models to be available in the market. One of the unique and typical traits of this musician is his inclination to get attracted towards the things he does not have! Be it marrying Pattie Boyd, wife of Beatles man George Harrison, or the yacht Va Bene, that was once owned by Bernie Ecclestone, Eric Clapton has time and again has lived up to his own expectations. The 47.8 meters long yacht (Va Bene) is a true luxury cruiser that has all the modern amenities. It can have up to twelve guests at a time on board.


1. Seven Seas(Owned by- Steven Spielberg)

Seven Seas(Owned by- Steven Spielberg)
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The famous director Steven Spielberg is at the top of the list as he owns super deluxe yacht named Seven Seas. This 86-meter yacht was built by Dutch shipyard Oceanco and designed by the Nuvolari Lenard Design Company. Costing around $200 Million, the yacht has an infinity pool with a 15-foot glass wall that can be turned into a movie screen. With a helipad, fully equipped gym and a private deck for the Hollywood director, this super yacht can accommodate twelve guests. A crew of 26 men operates the vessel and attends the guests.




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