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Topaz: World’s Fourth Largest Yacht

147 meters long, Topaz is the fourth largest mega yacht. Like the name implies, Topaz is indeed a gem sailing the seven seas. Apart from size, this super yacht is the hot spot for the rich and famous who want to admire the sublime beauty of the ocean.

Yachts are among the most luxurious and coveted vessels on the sea. Built for the upper class, yachts are a universal sign of wealth and prosperity. So what do the billionaires cruise around in on a sunny day?

In 2012, renowned naval engineer Tim Heywood designed the fourth largest private yacht in the world. Having every convenience and luxury imaginable, this example of engineering excellence has attracted global attention to the yacht’s design and aesthetic brilliance.

The boat was considered so precious by its designers that it was bestowed the appropriate name Topaz.

The Topaz is 147 meters in length, which is roughly equivalent to 1.25 football fields. Though it is hard to imagine, three other yachts in the world are longer; the Al Said yacht is 155 meters, the Dubai is 162 meters, and the Eclipse is a whopping 164 meters.

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The Topaz weighs about 12,000 tons, which is 24 million pounds. Its hull is made of durable steel and its superstructure is primarily composed of aluminum. The price of this floating palace is estimated to be around 60 million dollars.

The specific amenities for the Topaz are still shrouded in mystery. In order to protect the privacy of its customers, the company that built the yacht is unwilling to post public details about the boat specifics.

However, from the external view and from knowing common features associated with supersized yachts, experts have made reasonable guesses about the accommodations on-board the Topaz.

We know the ship is white and tall. It is constructed of light material, so that its top speed may be considerably higher than expected. It has six cabins and an entire private deck for the owner; therefore, it is likely able to accommodate up to twelve guests at a time, with potential room for 40 or more crew members.

The Topaz is also likely to have a helicopter landing pad, one or more swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and even garages to store tenders.

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The owner of the yacht is unknown. A project like this is not done unless commissioned, but the German-based company Lurssen Yachts refuse to release information; they protect the identity and privacy of the buyer in an effort to guarantee absolute customer confidentiality.

The suspected owner of the yacht is Roman Abramovich. The owner of a Russian investment company called Millhouse LLC, Abramovich is a billionaire who is one of the richest men in all of Russia.

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Aside from owning an airplane and three helicopters, Abramovich owns many boats. This has cynically been referred to as “Abramovich’s Navy”. He owns the Luna yacht, the Sussurro yacht, and Pelorus, the Le Grand Bleu, and the Ecstasea. Ironically, he also owns the largest yacht in the world, the Eclipse. Others have speculated that the Topaz may have been built for the Saudi royal family.


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