Expensive and Outdated: Gadgets to Avoid

Super-rich gadget-lovers beware and behold, all that glitter is not gold! Ridiculously expensive, outdated gadgets from landlines to turntables and dumbphones, are being bought. Why? Because some people can. For what purpose? We ask the same question. Find here 8 of the most expensive and obsolete gadgets.

Many people call themselves tech-geeks to identify themselves as lovers of electronic devices, and it’s easy to understand why people have become so obsessed with gadgets like the iPhone and Nook.

The reason? Technology simplifies our lives easier–at least it should. Some gadgets, however, aren’t so beneficial to mankind. Here are some of the most expensive and outdated electronic devices still on the market.

1) Bang & Olufsen BeoCom 2

With all-in-one smartphones like the iPhone 5 now available, even Blackberry phones are becoming a thing of the past. Landline phones, on the other hand, are like dinosaurs–they’re extinct.

The creation of the mobile phone made it unnecessary to even have a landline in the home. Well, there are actually people out there who paid $900 a piece for a shiny, crescent-shaped BeoCom 2.

Photo Credits: [http://images.businessweek.com/ss/07/10/1025_bang_olufsen/image/beocom-2.jpg]

2) USB Typewriter

With desktop computers and laptops currently being the standard tools for word processing, there hasn’t been a real use for typewriters in a long time.

The creators of the USB Typewriter actually found a way to modify old-school typewriters into USB-compatible keyboards for a variety of platforms from tablets to netbooks.

For 800 bucks, this is a steal…or is it?

Photo Credits: [http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-igBDhTuNIvo/ToN2tjirffI/AAAAAAAAAbk/50r2DcXQJ50/s1600/usb-typewriter-ipad.jpg]

3) Basis Audio Inspiration Turntable

Turntables are nifty devices used to play audio records. They’ve been in use for decades and still remain a viable way to listen to music.

Although they are especially popular nowadays with hip hop disc jockeys and antique collector, even the most fanatic enthusiast won’t likely drop 45 grand on one.

Photo Credits: [http://www.audiopathways.com/images/basis5.jpg]

4) Stealth Arcade Table

Arcades are cool collector’s items because they bring back memories of a fun time that simply doesn’t exist any longer. For this piece of gaming history, expect to hand over a hefty wad of cash amounting to $3,300. Yeah, the graphics suck, and the sound is worse, but there’s nothing better than reliving your childhood memories, right? Right?

Photo Credits: [http://theawesomer.com/photos/2011/02/022311_stealth_arcade_table_3.jpg]

5) Vertu Signature Precious

We often see celebs blingin’ out their cellies with rare gems and precious metals. If you’ve always wanted one of your own, contact Vertu for one of their iced-out mobile devices with options such as…okay, there’s nothing but standard voice calling available.

At least you’ll be able to call Grandma knowing how cool it is to hold tens of thousands of dollars in your hand.

Photo Credits: [http://image.ffmobile.com/product/photo/41/204/10101698.e956242f35811fbe0ad8b5585a3e8f68.jpg]

6) The World’s Most Expensive Computer Mouse

Like cell phones, handbags, shoes, and just about anything else that you can personalize, computer mice have joined the ranks of the accessories of the rich and fabulous. Known only as “The World’s Most Expensive Computer Mouse,” this little white gold and diamond-covered remote will set you back an astonishing $25,709.89 exactly.

Photo Credits: [http://most-expensive-luxury.com/wp-content/flagallery/most-expensive-mouse/the_worlds_most_expensive_computer_mouse_7mpe6.jpg]

7) Leica M Monochrome
Some people might be into the whole black-and-white trend, but most sane individuals wouldn’t drop $8,000 on a camera that can only produce colorless images.

Photo Credits: [http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/17m84kws4cwm0jpg/original.jpg]

8)Burmester Audiosystem Reference Line CD Player 069
CDs are out of style, but not this stylish $50,000 disc player. With the ability to keep the disc perfectly still while it’s spinning in the machine, this Bermester device supposedly produces immaculate sounds incomparable to anything else on the market. For this much money, it’s a total rip-off.

Some of us set up camp outside of our favorite electronics stores for a chance to be the first at nabbing the latest and greatest tech gadget. Others are willing to drop a fortune on devices that are quite obsolete in today’s world. Why? Because they can.

Photo Credits: [http://www.popularmechanics.com/cm/popularmechanics/images/ej/opulent-obsolescence-05-0812-de.jpg]