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Much Ado About Leather

Leather goods are timeless pieces, transcending fashion and history with effortless chic that is always relevant. Knowing the hows, whys and wheres of the leather industry goes a long way in selecting high quality leather-licious products. High quality leather products don’t cost your spare change. Expensive as they are, leather

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Leather Jacket: Find the Perfect Fit

A timeless staple in the wardrobe – perfectly fitted leather jackets are always relevant and stylish for the cold months of the year. Finding a leather jacket is easy, finding the ideal one for your size and character is a challenge that most men shy away from. In the search

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Menswear Trends to Avoid in 2013

What you see on the catwalk might be the hottest trend – but is it practical for everyday wear? Probably not. Find out what menswear trends to stay away from this winter. Fashion is an ever-evolving movement that recycles bits and pieces of past styles and incorporates them in new

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Big Bag Theory

Shape, size and material speak volumes about your handbag. Leather surpasses trends and continues to be the staple for high quality, luxurious handbags. 2013 sees bags breaking away from the practicality of winter into the wild realm of the urban exotic. With New Year days away, we want to be

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Italian Leather: God is in the Details

Why do we pay large sums of money for a “Made in Italy” leather bag when we have an array of affordable alternatives that are just as beautiful and brilliantly executed? We have swallowed, hook, line and sinker the idea behind Italian leather. High quality, precision, craftsmanship and detail of

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