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Packing For Summer Travel in Italy

What could be more wonderful than an Italian vacation at the height of summer?  Whether you are touring the countryside or exploring city pleasures, Italy under the summer sun warms both body and soul. Since most hot-weather American vacation locales involve visiting a resort or beach, packing for summer travel

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China is Keeping Europe as the Cradle of Luxury

Chinese shoppers are the world’s largest luxury consumers. But instead of pressuring luxury houses to shift manufacturing off-shore to reduce prices, the cash-rich Chinese buyers only have eyes for the “Made in Italy” products. Can China save Made in Italy? In recent times, Chinese men and women of affluence have

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Italian Leather: God is in the Details

Why do we pay large sums of money for a “Made in Italy” leather bag when we have an array of affordable alternatives that are just as beautiful and brilliantly executed? We have swallowed, hook, line and sinker the idea behind Italian leather. High quality, precision, craftsmanship and detail of

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