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Topaz: World’s Fourth Largest Yacht

147 meters long, Topaz is the fourth largest mega yacht. Like the name implies, Topaz is indeed a gem sailing the seven seas. Apart from size, this super yacht is the hot spot for the rich and famous who want to admire the sublime beauty of the ocean. Yachts are

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Azzam: Taking Title of World’s Largest Yacht from Russia

Forget the world’s largest yachts, 2013 is awaiting a bigger, more luxurious mega yacht. The owner, a mystery billionaire, is sparing no expenses when it comes to building his 590 foot, 6 stories high ship – “Azzam”. When completed, Azzam will surpass in size and height the largest yacht to

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Super Size my Yacht

Apparently size also matters in the boating world. The length indicates the size of private motor yachts. If you like your luxury spread out across many feet of space above the sea, check out the world’s longest motor luxury yachts. The world’s elite not only enjoy the expansive space that

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Celebrity Jets

The world of the rich and famous is truly fascinating with its constant celebration of money and luxury. We like to see where they live, where they sleep, where they eat and where they vacate. Ever wondered what celebrities are aviation fanatics? Wonder no more, read on for the top

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