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Must See Destinations around the World

The following 10 must see destinations around the globe will leave you nothing short than in awe of nature.Take part in some of the world’s most rarefied experiences.

10: Shubenacadie tidal bore, Canada
If you aren’t afraid of getting your feet a little wet, the tidal bore of Shubenacadie is one of the biggest waves in the world.

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9: Monument Valley, United States
Monument Valley is so picturesque it’s actually been used for filming westerns. Who are we to argue with Hollywood?

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8: Kasanka, Zambia
Millions of bats fly free every November in the heart of Kasanka. If you’re looking for a true connection to the natural rhythm of the world, put Kasanka on your list of future travel destinations.

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7: Cape Tribulation, Australia
Lush, lengthy and luxurious, Cape Tribulation is a slice of paradise in the tropics, a new exotic version of the Garden of Eden.

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6: Cornwall Mines, England
The ruined mines of Cornwall are a cliffside monument that will attract, inspire and humble you at all once.

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5: Thrihnukagigur, Iceland
Get your pulse racing with a trip inside Thrihnukagigur, a 4000-year-old volcano deep in the wilderness of Iceland. It’s an unforgettable sight and a one of a kind experience for anyone brave enough to breach the stone walls.

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4: Sydney Harbour, Australia
Six million hand-driven rivets hold together Sydney Harbor, one of the most thriving metropolitan hot spots “down under.” Grab a drink, take a ferry ride and simply stand back and admire the lights and the pulse of the city.

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3: Santa Maria della Salute, Italy
You’ve already seen this amazing architecture in Venice. That’s because it’s so universally admired that it’s become the subject of countless paintings and postcards. Still, nothing can compare to the real deal.

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2: Enrosadira, Italy
A trick of the light turns the mountains of Enrosadira into a modern miracle every evening at sunset. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen it for yourself.

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1: Taj Mahal, India
The Taj Mahal is a testament of one man’s love that has stood for more than 300 years. It’s classic for a reason, and that reason is why it’s #1 on our list of must-see destinations around the world.

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There are plenty more exotic locations that will steal your breath and make you tremble before nature, but those are for another time. You’ll simply have to wait for part two!



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