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Glamping: A Glamorous Take on Camping

Are you itching to go camping? Do you wish to sleep under the starts but your back will not tolerate anything shorter than a mattress, let alone a sleeping bag? If a nature-packed remote escape is just what you need, as long as you can text and twit, read on for the luxurious glamping experience.

Anyone who has been traveling in Africa or Asia during the past several decades has most likely heard of glamping. For the rest of you, brace yourselves because glamping has officially become the upcoming trend in the States and Europe.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is simply glamorous camping. A typical glamping site offers amazing amenities and creates a magic ambiance. Many glamping sites are using sustainable and recyclable materials and provide meals from food grown locally and organically.

They take immense precautions to be environmentally friendly, leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible, while providing the most luxurious accommodations and experiences as possible.

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Types of Glamping

Tent or tepee glamping sites offer their glampers  an experience reminiscent of another time. You might be surprised when you enter to discover everything from a partial kitchen and wood-burning fireplace to a gorgeous luxury sofa with an aesthetically-appropriate animal skin rug.

Many of the sites in the US are even creating two-room tents to accommodate families who wish to participate in the camping experience without the sore backs and bug bites.

Other glamping possibilities include  renting an Ecopod in the mountains. These pods are designed with the most luxurious and modern amenities; however, they also keep in line with current environmental standards and practices.

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Facilities which have electricity often use low-impact lighting to reduce energy waste.

If you are glamping in Africa, one of the founders of such an experience, you will quite possibly be able to watch the animals walk right past the glamping site from the comfort of your own bed without any irritating flying insects swarming around your head to ruin the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The sights from the day and the sounds from night will leave an unforgettable lasting impression on your glamping experience. You will not have to sacrifice the luxuries of your typical travels.

In fact, you no longer have to join a tour group or find a reliable driver to take you to your adventure. When you are glamping, the adventure comes to you.

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