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Under the Sea: World’s Best Diving Sites

What are the best diving destinations on the planet? Dive in to find out.

It’s wet, it’s wild, and it’s one of the best, most pleasurable experiences out there; of course, we are talking about underwater diving.

Diving is an immense pleasure and hobby to many. It is a personal thrill, being able to explore nature in places never before seen so intimately in the history of man.

Once you have “caught the diving bug”, it is natural to wonder what kind of experience other diving locations may offer. And there is some debate on the subject. So, we cut to the chase and bring you the five locations argued by the professionals to be the most enjoyable in the world.

1. Sipadan Island, Malaysia – Barracuda Point
Barracuda Point is argued by many to be the biggest diving thrill in the world. Not only is the water clear to 30 m visibility, but the amount of underwater life present is astounding.

The experience is often described as being in the middle of the most busy and populated city in the world. The phenomenal aquatic habitat here includes residents such as barracuda, flapping rays, jackfish, parrot fish, giant sea turtles, and countless others.

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2. Surin Islands, Thailand – Richelieu Rock
Richelieu Rock is a pinnacle in the diving world for similar reasons to Barracuda Point – an amazing aquatic habitat and 30 m visibility. Lifelong divers come here to see the gargantuan whale shark feed.

This gentle giant is a source of loving, longtime memory for those fortunate enough to come witness it. Schools of tuna and giant trevallies whisk about among other spectacles. Richelieu Rock is one to be sure and see.

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3. Red Sea, Egypt – SS Thistlegorm
In 1941, during the beginnings of WWII, a British transport ship, the SS Thistlegorm was attacked and sunk off-shore of Egypt. Today it is the most admired, yet also visitable shipwreck in the world.

Swim in and around the wreck and see everything just as it was before the sinking, personal items, guns, armored cars, and anything else on board rest silently, 30 m down.

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4. Palau, Micronesia – Blue Corner Wall
Blue Corner Wall is noted for its amazing aquatic life, reefs, canyons, and overall intriguing underwater landscape. Spotted eagle rays, pyramid butterfly fish, and red-tooth trigger fish frolic around the beautiful rolling reefs and sea whip fields – quite an enjoyable experience. Visibility here can reach a delightful 40 m.

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5. Galapagos Island, Ecuador – Gordon Rocks
Galapagos Island is renowned for its amazing wildlife and ecosystem. Charles Darwin and other noteworthies have been drawn to this mystical place for ages. Under the water, things are no different.

Be prepared for fur seals, sea lions, and hammerhead sharks. If you can pry your fascination from them, take in all the sights of countless tropical fish, eels, and tortoises. Gordon Rocks is a magical underwater paradise.

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And there you have it. In our opinion, these are the hands-down, top five most enjoyable diving locations around the world. Schedule a diving trip to one of these places, and you will have enjoyed the best in the world.

Featured Image Photo Credit: <a href=””>Flippers Beach And Ocean</a> by Vera Kratochvil

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