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World’s Most Popular Airline Routes

With over 18 million flights made worldwide every year, it is safe to say that flying is the most common means of transport, after driving that is. Which flight routes are the most popular worldwide, and why? The answers may surprise you.

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It is important to understand how officials gauge flight activity when accessing the business of a flight route. They do not count overall business of a certain flight corridor because many of the people who are using these routes are simply catching another flight.

For this reason,  New York to Chicago is third on the list for most popular airline routes, though it has more customer traffic than any other route in the US.

The two most used airline routes in the US are the New York-Fort Lauderdale and the New York-Los Angeles. Each of these routes transported about 3 million passengers in 2011. The New York-Los Angeles route is nearly 5,000 miles with plenty of airlines to take you there – US Airways, First Class, Qatar Airways, and Economy Class.

The most popular flights in the world are Asian based, as the number of Asian flights to America and Europe increased by 10 percent in 2011. Sapporo-Tokyo, Melbourne-Sydney, and Fukuoka-Tokyo are the fourth, fifth, and sixth busiest airline routes, respectfully.

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Beijing-Shanghai, Hong Kong-Taipei, and Cape Town-Johannesburg are also in the top ten most traveled flight routes. Osaka, Japan, to Tokyo, Japan, is the world’s third most traveled route, with over 7.5 million passengers per year.

The world’s second busiest route is in a prime tourist location, Brazil. Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo is only 275 mile apart, but nearly 8 million people make this flight every year.

Finally, the  Jeju-Seoul route attracts the most traffic. Many people fly to the exotic Asian island of Jeju, South Korea, from the mainland (South Korea’s capital, Seoul) to enjoy a vacation in paradise.

The flight route is less than 300 miles long, but every year a whopping 10 million people make this journey. The flight should only take about an hour, but will cost you anywhere between 300 to 1,000 dollars, depending on the season and airline.

Korean Air is the predominate airline that services this flight route, although other airlines offer flights too. If Jeju Island is your next vacation destination, be sure to plan ahead and book your flights early.

World’s busiest airline routes are inevitably the ones with high travel inconvenience, lost baggage, overbooking, and delayed departures.  Make sure to book in advance, and if you’re planning to travel to one of the above destinations, embrace yourself for a packed flight!

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