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Famous Cigar Lovers

Some notable figures are inseparable from their cigars. In fact their public persona is depicted around their huffing and puffing habits. Read on for famous puffers.

An appreciation of a fine cigar goes hand-in-hand with the image of famous people. Fine cigars are smoked by warriors, presidents and dictators. Here are five famous people who couldn’t go a day without lighting one up.

Mark Twain
“I ordinarily smoke fifteen cigars during my five hours’ labours, and if my interest reaches the enthusiastic point, I smoke more. I smoke with all my might, and allow no intervals.” – Mark Twain.

When Twain toured the mighty Mississippi in a makeshift raft with Tom Sawyer, he did so with a cigar clenched between his teeth.

Whether traveling in “The Innocents Abroad” or watching ants at work on a hill, Twain set about his work always with a cigar in mind and in hand.

It’s said that he smoked anything but a Havana, and he smoked between 20 and 40 cigars a day.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger
“I’ll be back!” is the most well-known line ever spoken by an actor who specialized in action flicks, and Arnold Schwarzenegger has not disappointed us as he has returned again and again to bemuse and bewitch us with his off-the-wall celluloid characters in movies such as “The Terminator”, “Predator” and “Total Recall.”

It’s rumored that he smoked up the California governor’s mansion with aromatic Arturo Fuentes while playing his greatest political role. No evidence can be found that his wife left him because he blew smoke rings in her hair.

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Fidel Castro
It would’ve been great if Arnold told that cigar-hogging dictator Fidel Castro “I’ll be back!” and did that. With the cigar-puffing Castro gone, we could all be enjoying great Cuban cigars again.

Alas, it’s not to be so. Castro has lived through nine different U.S. presidents, and he shows no sign of leaving. Even when he’s supposed to drop dead, he doesn’t. His longevity is a cause of great sadness and distress to America’s cigar aficionados.

Drop dead, Castro, and leave some cigars for us, or Arnold might show up next Tuesday. Okay?

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Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill, the Lion of England, stood in the breach during World War II, and sent the Nazis back to hell where they belong. This bigger-than-life hero created a bulwark in Europe against the Hitler war machine until the Americans could arm up and provide reinforcements.

It’s said he once toured London on a bicycle during the German air blitzkrieg while smoking a cigar. Armed only with a Cuban cigar and a furry cat on his lap, Churchill is one of the greatest warriors the world has ever seen. His favorite smoke was the Rome

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John F. Kennedy
The 35th president of the United States and King of Camelot, John Kennedy, did cigar lovers no favors when he ordered a boycott of Cuban goods in 1962. He did the act without fair warning, so others could not stock up on their favorite Cuban brand.

It’s said that before signing the embargo law, he ordered Pierre Salinger, his press secretary, to scout the entire DC area for his favorite Cuban brand. The embargo was the result of Russia landing intercontinental missiles on the island and threatening to blow everyone up.

Kennedy ordered the U.S. Navy to blockade the island until Russia agreed to remove the missiles. In a few weeks, the missiles were gone but so were the cigars. The Camelot legend says that Sir Knight Salinger managed to scrounge up 1,200 Cuban cigars before the embargo took effect.

No record exists of whom Kennedy shared the Cuban bounty with. Those 1,200 cigars carried the label Petit Upmann, Kennedy’s favorite cigar.

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The noble cigar has pleased dictators and presidents alike and gone to war with great leaders. Cigars have amused us in films with actors clenching an Opus X between their teeth while blasting aliens. The cigar continues to be an image of defiance, exquisite sophistication and a respite from the commonplace.

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