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It’s All in the Label: Creative Wine Label Designs

Flavor or style? A wine’s label design influences the purchasing decision of the buyer, apparently more so than taste. In fact the design itself can make or break the selling success of a new wine. In an age where looks is (almost) everything, check out some of the more impressive wine label designs.

Looks aren’t exactly everything, but they sure are important to the success of a new wine that’s just been stocked on retail store shelves. When it comes to foods and beverages, appearance is sometimes the only clue we can base our decisions on if we’ve never actually tried the food.

For the following wines, an eye-catching label design is precisely what made them so successful.

Gut Oggau Portrait Wines
These Austrian wines have more personality than many others on the market–literally. Since every wine in the line has its own unique qualities, the creators decided to apply an appropriate sketch of a human face to each to illustrate those special characteristics.

Even a short description of the portrait is provided on the wine label to convey the qualities of the wine in an indirect manner.

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Honey Moon Wine
With one of the most well-done bottle and packaging designs we’ve ever seen, this honey-themed drink looks simply delicious. With a honey ladle cork, mouth designed to look like dripping beeswax, and a honeycomb label that’s made to look like a broken honeycomb to reveal the amber “honey” wine inside, this one takes the cake for creativity.

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Inkwell Wine’s Rorschach-Inspired Wine Bottles
Remember those inkblots used in psychology tests to explore people’s perception of things? Well, these wines sport them in a very trendy and captivating way. While the overall design is simple, it makes a very bold statement that becomes burned into the minds of those who see it.

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Vine Parma Wine
The labels on the Vine Parma wines transform the bottles into mysterious totem poles that have such a curious allure to them. Covered in tribal patterns, symbols, and foreign characters, coming across one of these in a supermarket aisle will give you the excitement of discovering an ancient relic in some distant land.

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Segreto Wine
Simple and effective, Segreto Wine has one of the most dramatic wine labels in the industry. While not complex or radical by any means, the elegant, bright-white brand name pops out of the midnight-black bottle like a star in the night sky. Cleverly, the designers made the label to spell out “Segreto” when three bottles are lined up in a row.

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Very Chic Wine Samplers
This wine is clearly geared towards all the ladies out there, and what better way to connect with the women than to make your samplers look like cosmetics? Wrapped in urban-chic graphics over dark and metallic tones, these wines give off an edgy and high-end feel.

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B Frank Wine
Funny, different, and direct, B Frank wines are so appealing because they allow the user to add their own touch to the bottle. These fun beverages should really be consumed with friend or two. After all, it says so on the label.

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Lazarus Wine’s Braille Wine Bottle
Even though most people won’t be able to figure out what exactly it is that they are drinking, Braille Wine is just so cryptic that it becomes extremely intriguing to people who can’t interpret it. Mysterious as it is, this wine is so attractive because the braille itself appears stylish and modern.

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Wine enthusiasts can select a refined bubbly out of a line-up while blindfolded just by aroma and taste alone, but your average wine drinker doesn’t have the option to sample before buying. Most of us would need aesthetics to sway us in one direction or the other.

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